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A close up view, looking up at some green leaves and you can see a small lizard on top of one of the leaves

Virtual Workshop: Rainforest Connections

How are the rainforests linked to our lives and why should we care about their fate?

This Virtual Workshop addresses these questions and looks at how the choices we make affect the future of the rainforests. It's delivered as a whole class live session via your classroom computer and big screen.


Information on our virtual workshops

Our virtual school trips are delivered online by a member of our Education Team just for your class. We’ll lead the session, delivering live activities, challenges and conversations with your class; supported by pre-recorded videos. We will provide all the resources and materials you need to support your learners in class.

Find the connection… this Rainforest Connections session explores the links between us and the rainforest and between the amazing plants and animals in the rainforest. By investigating the connections between plant and product pupils will understand how the rainforest features in our everyday lives, and how we can work together to protect it.

Workshop overview

The session begins by looking at how we use plants from the rainforest every day for food medicine and cosmetics.

Using chocolate as an example, we will look at the economic hardships some farmers face, discussing how we can help make a positive difference through trading fairly, contributing towards a living wage and helping people protect the forests.

Finally, we will look at how life in the rainforest is interconnected- how plants and animals form close relationships to build a beautiful ecosystem. Pupils will consider how we need to follow this example to create a better, brighter future.

Curriculum links made to geography (place knowledge and physical geography) and science (adaptations).

How it works

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