How do I join as a Member?

However you choose to join, you can visit Eden and use your benefits straight away as your Membership is active immediately. Find out more and join online, or call us on 01726 811932 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm) to join over the phone.

You can also join in our Visitor Centre at the start of your visit – simply ask for Eden Project Membership. You may however find, especially during busy periods, that joining online or by phone in advance reduces the amount of time you may need to queue.

How do I visit and use my benefits at Eden?

If you wish to visit Eden before your Membership card arrives with you (which takes up to 2 weeks), please quote your booking reference when you arrive at our Visitor Centre. If you ask for your receipt to be printed, this will include your temporary Membership card – please keep this safe as you will need to show it to claim your 10% discount in our shops, restaurants and cafés. Please always show your Membership card before paying so your discount can be applied.

Please note that Membership cards and benefits are non-transferable so please do not offer your card to someone else for them to attempt to claim your discount on their purchases.

How do I claim free entry for my family guest and family children?

All Members are entitled to free entry for one family guest each on every visit to Eden. Your guest must be with you in the Visitor Centre when you arrive – please simply state that you have a guest with you. Your guest entitlement is printed on your Membership card, and this is not transferable i.e. if you have a Joint Membership and one of the cardholders cannot be at Eden, the second cardholder cannot receive free entry for two family guests. Joint Family Membership entitles both Members to free entry for themselves and one family guest each, and up to 3 family children per visit, i.e. whether the Members visit together or separately, free entry is offered for up to 3 family children.

For Gift Aid purposes, we are required by HMRC to state that a guest must be a member of the family by either blood or marriage. However, they also recognize that we at Eden “cannot be expected to check or verify the identity and relation of guests to Members”. We will not require proof of who your guests are in relation to you, and you will not be challenged on the relationship status of your guests.

Can I upgrade my ticket or Pass to Membership?

Can I buy Membership as a gift?

Absolutely, Eden Project Membership makes a fantastic gift that lasts all year. You can buy a Gift Pack or an E-voucher online – visit our Gift Membership page to find out more.

How do I claim my other Member discounts?

Please see your Member communications for the code you'll need to use in our online shop. To sign up to one of our courses or join a Little Eden club, you can take advantage of our discounted rate online. Please log in using your email address which is registered to your Membership, and then choose Courses or Events from the top menu. The discounted rate will then become visible.

If you have any problems booking courses or clubs at the discounted rate online, or you would like to book a private guided tour of Eden with your 10% discount, please call the Membership team on 01726 811932.

Please note that discounts cannot be applied retrospectively once you have already paid.

Do you have any special events for Members?

We host a range of events and offers throughout the year which are free to attend but booking is essential. All listings will be on our Member events and offers webpage. Information about events is usually always published in the Eden Magazine, but the best place to be kept up to date with our events listings is through our monthly e-newsletter.

If you haven’t yet received an e-newsletter, or you’d like to check your details and contact preferences, please email us on

How do I take advantage of Members' car parking and priority booking?

Members' car parking operates on a first-come, first-served basis in Orange 2 car park. Please ensure your windscreen sticker is clearly displayed or identify yourself as a Member to one of Eden's car park stewards, so you can be directed accordingly. We thank you for your understanding during peak times, and throughout the evenings during the Eden Sessions, when you may necessarily be directed to alternative parking.

If you require an additional or replacement window sticker, please call us on 01726 811932 or email

Priority booking offers will be advertised on our Member events and offers webpage and announced through e-newsletters. If you’d like to purchase tickets for special events like the Eden Beer Festival, Little Monsters' Ball and Father Christmas, you can do so online. Please log in using your email address which is registered to your Membership, and then choose Events from the top menu. Tickets will become available to purchase during the priority booking window once you are logged in.

If you have any problems booking your tickets online, please call the Membership team on 01726 811932 and we will be able to help.

How do I renew my Membership?

If you pay by Direct Debit we will send an email reminder to you, followed by a letter with your new Membership card(s) at least 10 working days before your payment is due. This letter will confirm the date and amount of your Direct Debit. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to make any changes, for example to your Membership type or payment date.

If you do not have an active Direct Debit, we will email, call or write to you a few weeks before your Membership is due for renewal to remind you and invite you to renew. You can renew your Membership online, return the form supplied with your letter or call us on 01726 811932 to renew over the phone. If you opt to renew by Direct Debit you will benefit from our generous Direct Debit discount and help to reduce our administration costs.

I would like to change the type of Membership I have. What do I do?

If your Membership is about to renew by Direct Debit and we have already sent you a reminder letter, please contact us on 01726 811932 so we can amend your details, update the value of your Direct Debit, and if necessary get a new or replacement Membership card sent to you.

If you have received a reminder letter and you don't already pay by Direct Debit, simply choose the new Membership type on the reverse of your letter and supply any new additional details. If you are part-way through your Membership year and wish to add a Member, we will ask for a pro-rata payment to cover the difference in Membership value, and will provide you with an additional Membership card. Please contact us to discuss.

I’ve lost my Membership card. What can I do?

If your card has been lost or stolen we can provide a replacement. Please call us on 01726 811932 or email so we can arrange for a new card to be sent to you.

Can I lend my Membership card to a friend or relative?

Membership cards are strictly non-transferable so please do not offer them for someone else to use. We may ask for proof of ID upon entry or some Members will have an identity photograph stored on our system. All Members are entitled to bring a free family guest with them on every visit and we absolutely encourage you to introduce Eden to your friends and family – but you do need to be in attendance and accompany your guest when they visit.

Please also note that Eden Project Family Membership is not valid in conjunction with School visits.

I’ve changed my email/postal address or phone number. Who do I tell?

Please email your change of details to, along with your Membership card number and/or your old postal/email address, and we will reply to confirm once we have updated your record.