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children in med biome with chef

School Workshop: Crazy Chef Challenge

This workshop takes students on a journey around the world to explore where food comes from.


Workshop overview

The Eden Chef has gone bonkers and has set a challenge for the students. He has written a recipe for a delicious cake containing ingredients from all over the world. The instructions are clear, but the ingredients are written in gobbledegook (actually, Latin).

If your students can unravel the clues, find the plants and collect the ingredients, the chef will bake the cake for you all to eat. If not, the chef will eat the lot! With clues, a map and a worksheet to help them, the students find and collect the ingredients from the Biomes in order to win the challenge.

While the cake is cooking, students investigate where in the world the ingredients have come from and how this connects them to people and places across the planet. Finally, the cake arrives and is shared out amongst the students.

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“One of the most educationally rich venues to have taken groups to visit. I would hope all pupils at our school could visit on a rite of passage.”

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