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School Workshop: Sustainability Sussed

What makes the 'best' packed lunch? This workshop challenges your pupils to go on a journey and discover the sustainability stories behind the foods they eat each lunchtime. 


Workshop overview

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on the contents of their packed lunch and consider how good it really is in terms of health, waste, packaging, food miles, farming practices and Fairtrade.

The workshop begins with the pupils writing a shopping list and selecting six products to build the ‘best’ packed lunch. They then earn the right to ‘buy’ the products from the shop. Using maps and coordinates they go on a journey across the Eden site to discover the sustainability related stories behind the foods they have selected.

Upon arrival back in the classroom the pupils have a conversation about what ‘best’ might mean and complete hands on activities which lead them to review the contents of their lunch box with respect to issues about sustainability. Finally, they are given the option of rebuilding the contents of their lunchbox in light of what they have learnt. 

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher

“ It was a perfect opportunity for our students to learn outside the classroom. ”

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