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School children looking at cacao pod

School Workshop: The Chocology Challenge

Discover the secrets of chocolate by going on a journey to see where chocolate comes from and who makes it for us. There is also a tasty chocolate reward for everyone!


Workshop overview

Pupils are challenged to go on journey around our Rainforest Biome to meet various characters from the story of chocolate. They are asked to perform tasks to collect resources and then return to claim their prize. The groups will meet the ancient Mayan god of chocolate, a cocoa farmer, a scientist, a Spanish explorer and a shop keeper and hear their stories. If the students gather all the prizes they win a tasty snack. 

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher from Pensans Primary School

“ How many children studying chocolate can experience humidity, see a cocoa tree growing, hold a cocoa pod, smell cocoa beans? This workshop made our whole topic real. We were thrilled with what you delivered. ”

Practical information

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