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group of children looking at plants

School Workshop: The Great Plant Explorers

This workshop takes pupils on a journey to trace links and connections to the people and places of this planet.


Workshop overview

The Great Plant Explorers gives an opportunity to travel to far reaching corners of the globe and unique environments and wonderful cultures. The task is to travel as far as possible in the time allowed, visiting as many countries as possible, and all the while tracing links and connections to the people and places of this planet.

Your pupils are set a challenge to explore the world in a day, gathering information about the plants found in everyday food products. They are introduced to the Development Compass Rose which will help direct their journey. Using teamwork and mapping skills, pupils work together to solve the clues that will lead them to the correct plants.  

On their journey around the Biomes pupils gather facts, figures and images relating to the plants, and record their findings in their Explorers' Passports.  

On their return to the classroom, we unpack some of the issues associated with our global food market. Our exploration uses the Development Compass Rose and delves into the environmental (N for Natural), economic (E) and social (S) issues relating to our global inter-dependence. Finally the groups consider W – Who decides - and come up with their own ideas for positive action.

A visiting teacher

Visiting teacher from Grampound Road School

“ Finding cocoa, bananas and coffee beans in the tropical biome really excited the children. They couldn’t believe that chocolate began life in one of those pods. ”

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