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Roul roul birds

Adopt a rainforest creature

Adopt Roul-Roul partridges, geckos, and even ants! By becoming a Rainforest Champion yourself, or adopting in the name of a loved one as a gift, you'll be helping our rainforest save the rainforests of the world.

Become a Rainforest Champion

The Rainforest Biome is home to some of the world’s most stunning plants, but did you know that an array of creatures also call the Biome home?

A close up of inside the rainforest biome with green leaves and the top of the biome on show


By adopting one (or more!) of our Rainforest creatures, you will be helping to support the important role that the Rainforest Biome plays in educating people about the importance of protecting the planet’s rainforests and the essential role they perform in sustaining life on Earth.

You can adopt our famous Roul-Roul partridges, geckos, and even ants!

Adopting a creature makes a lovely alternative gift for a loved one, or you can even adopt for yourself.

Your adoption pack

When you adopt our rainforest creatures you'll receive a pack containing:

  • personalised certificate (in the name of the recipient, if this is a gift adoption), detailing how many and what type of creatures have been adopted
  • thank you letter from the rainforest creature
  • information card about the importance of the world's rainforests

Delivery options

Roul roul illustration

Adoption pack by email

Our digital pack arrives as a PDF by email – perfect for last-minute gifting to print at home, or for eco-friendly adopters. Please complete one order per adoption, and you can select up to 20 of each creature per adoption. Once you complete your payment we'll send you a link to provide us with more details so that we can complete your adoption pack. Once this form is returned, please allow one working day for email delivery*.

Digital adoption pack

Delivered by email.

Adoption packs


For any queries please email Alternatively to discuss options or to adopt a rainforest creature by phone, please call us on 01726 811910.

Please note: this is a fundraising product, to help support the charitable work of the Eden Project. The creature will not be yours to take home!