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Exterior of Mediterranean Biome at Eden Project

Eden Explorer Private Tours

For a truly memorable experience treat yourself to an exclusive tour for up to 8 people with one of our experienced tour guides.

Explorer Tours

New for this season our unique, private tours are designed to give a deeper insight into the Eden Project.

Your tour will begin at the Visitor Centre, where you will be met by your tour guide.

Your guide will walk you down into the Biomes, sharing Eden’s history and mission along the way.

It's your choice – explore either the Rainforest or Mediterranean Biome, where your expert guide will share plant stories, give you insights into the exhibits, and answer your questions.

Tours last for 1.5 hours and will finish in the Link Building in between the Biomes.

Choose either an Early Rise tour at 10am or an Afternoon Meander beginning at 2:30pm.

Where do you want your tour to take you?

There are two tour options, please state which one you would like at time of booking.

Wobbly bridge in Eden Project Rainforest Biome

Rainforest Explorer Tour

Explore our Rainforest, and discover its secrets. As you stroll around the Biome, you will hear amazing plant stories, told by our expert guide. You will visit the tropical regions of the World; South East Asia, West-Africa, South America and the Tropical Islands. Here you’ll find out about the intrepid travellers who crossed the ocean to colonise a new land, discover how rainforests cool the Earth and delve into the world of chocolate.

You’ll hear about Eden’s project work restoring rainforests and supporting livelihoods and discover how you can help care for the forests that care for us all.

Olive tree in Mediterranean Biome at Eden Project

Mediterranean Explorer Tour

Take a relaxing tour around our Mediterranean Biome. Whilst you take in the tranquillity and atmosphere of a Mediterranean summer holiday, your guide will share plant stories about the ancient olives and vines, take you to meet the extraordinary plants and landscapes of South Africa and Australia and guide you past a cork woodland and citrus grove. You’ll delve into ancient myths and find out about hopeful conservation stories for the future.

This tour will also take in the Core Building, where you’ll be introduced to our famous work of art – Infinity Blue. Through inspiring conversation, you will gain a unique understanding of the Eden Project.

Eden employee Emma Smart standing in the Rainforest Biome

Meet your Guide

Emma Smart is our lead Tour Guide and Storyteller. She ignites visitor’s imaginations by using a mixture of ancient and modern-day stories, enabling you to immerse yourself in the past, present and future of some of the Earth’s most stunning natural landscapes – without leaving the country.

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