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Santa Cruz water lilies

Santa Cruz water lily

Santa Cruz water lilypads can grow up to 2 metres wide. The huge leaves help the plant win the competition for sunlight. They grow in a pond in the Tropical South America section at the heart of our Rainforest Biome.

Botanical description

  • Scientific name: Victoria cruziana
  • Family: Nymphaeaceae (water lily)

Giant aquatic herb found in South America. Leaves up to 2m in diameter, green colour with a small layer of fine hairs on underside. Flowers floating, large, up to 1m in diameter; petals white becoming pink or red. Fruits large, prickly, berry-like with many seeds. Seeds measure 1cm. Pollinated by Cylocephata castaneal beetle.

Where it grows

Slow moving waters in north Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia.


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