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Rainforest Biome at Eden Project

Rainforest Biome

Explore the largest rainforest in captivity. Trek through the humid tropics from tropical islands to SE Asia, and West Africa to tropical South America. Visit our accessible canopy walkway for stunning views over the Biome. 

Rainforest Biome



“It’s like stepping into a different world... it’s fantastically well done.”

The world's largest indoor rainforest

Did you know?

An area of rainforest the size of our Biome is destroyed every 16 seconds.

Inside the Biome, you'll discover how rainforests support us all. At the Weather Maker exhibit, you can shelter from tropical rain, journey into clouds and find out how rainforests cool the Earth.

Travelling past groves of rubber trees and cacao, and swathes of sugar cane and bananas, you'll get to the spice market where you'll find out how to care for the rainforest and support people who live in the tropics. 

Insider tips from our staff

Artworks inside the Biome

Plants inside the Biome