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Anthropy 2022

Anthropy 2023: inspiring a better Britain

Anthropy is a unique gathering for leaders, taking place at Eden Project from 1-3 November 2023. It aims to spark imagination and foster fresh thinking – working to build a vision for Britain which is more positive, sustainable, equitable and successful.

A gathering unlike any other

About the event

This November, the Eden Project is excited to once again host Anthropy – a unique and extraordinary experience. Anthropy is a unique gathering that sees over 500 inspiring speakers participate in more than 180 sessions over three dynamic days. The aim of the event is to spark innovation and foster fresh thinking among diverse leaders to build a brighter future for people, planet, place and prosperity.

Anthropy covers a huge range of topics effecting the future of our country – from our health and education, to the future of media and technology, to equal opportunities and our economy, to our built and natural environment and our global role. For an overview of the vast and extraordinary agenda click here.

Delegates will share experience, insights and ideas in sessions designed to break down barriers in and between industries, cultivate feelings of hope and agency, and facilitate collaborations on transformative ideas. By amplifying the impact of leaders across Britain, Anthropy ultimately acts as a catalyst for meaningful change.

At the Eden Project, we believe in the ‘power of the possible’ – that big ambitions and collaborative working can come together to create something amazing. Our Biomes, landscapes, people and projects are a living testament to this. What better backdrop to build a brighter future from?

Audience at Anthropy 2022

Join us

This gathering is for leaders, founders and people with a contribution to make, to inspire a better Britain. One which is more positive, sustainable, equitable and successful.


John O’Brien MBE

“ Last year, we built the foundation — this year, we start to build the future. ”

Conference talk in Rainforest Biome

A uniquely Eden experience

Anthropy leaders will have an experience like no other.

You might spend a morning in the Rainforest, the scent of spices lingering in the air and roul-roul partridges calling in the background. This could followed by an afternoon exploring new ideas against a backdrop of world class art. Around every corner there’s a story to tell, an idea to be sparked or a place to sit and reflect.

You’ll enjoy delicious award-winning food and be surrounded by stories of how everything we do at Eden, from the way we heat the site to the chairs and tables you sit on support people and our planet. Everything you’ll eat, drink or buy reflects our key principles – responsibly sourced, fairly traded, seasonal and or local.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet the team who bring Eden to life and forge its future, with exciting developments being planned around the world. We can’t wait to learn from you - and we hope we can share some of the experience that’s helped to make Eden what it is today.

Anthropy evening

Spark and nurture new ideas

Anthropy is all about the power of people. You’ll have opportunities to meet fellow leaders from a diverse range of industries and organisations, and the space and freedom to explore new ideas and collaborative approaches together.

We believe the future remains ours to make, and that together we can create a vision for a brighter future for this country. Join us.

Be inspired. Get involved. Make an impact.