2018 Eden Classic

Hear pro Cornish cyclist Chris Opie talk about this year's Classic.

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Aerial footage of the Classic

See some of the stunning course in this video.

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Preview of the Eden Classic

See some of the beautiful coastal course in this video.

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Riders have the unique opportunity to pedal the length of Eden, past our world-famous biomes before they start their challenging journey. 

All riders ascend the steep hairpin bends before cycling along some of the most stunning coastal roads in the country. Riders are invited to stop and refuel in iconic locations such as The Lost Gardens of Heligan, where friends and family can gather in support before exploring the renowned visitor attraction for free.

“Spectacular scenery, lovely variety, fabulous hills, superb signage.”

Eden Classic rider 

Free Eden entry for family and friends

Riders' friends and families are entitled to free entry to Eden on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 May, and The Lost Garden of Heligan on Sunday 13 May. Just tell the respective ticketing teams the name of the rider you're supporting and the distance they are completing.

About the 2018 routes

All routes make the most of the undulating south coast and all riders pass through picturesque villages and along beautiful coastlines whichever route they choose, going through spots such as Carlyon Bay, Charlestown, Pentewan, Mevagissey and Caerhays Bay. 

Entrants get exclusive access to ride though the centre of our site (usually closed to traffic) before reaching the start point opposite the Rainforest Biome. Once riders are released over the timing mat at the start, all face a muscle-stretching climb out of the site and up the hairpin bends before continuing their ride in earnest.

“Excellent route and feed station (Heligan). Surreal experience cycling down and up past the Biomes - unlike any other sportive.”

Eden Classic rider

(Maps below updated on 14 March 2018)

See the 35-mile route on Mapometer.

See the 62-mile route on Mapometer.

See the 100-mile route on Mapometer.

What's included for every rider

Every rider will benefit from the following: 

  • pre-cycle breakfast, with muesli, porridge and bananas to fuel your ride ahead
  • free entry for friends and family to the Eden Project on the weekend of the event
  • free entry for friends and family to the Lost Gardens of Heligan on the day of the event
  • delicious food and refreshment at stations along the route at some iconic locations
  • a well-deserved pasty following the event
  • a bespoke medal (guaranteed for pre-registered riders only) 
  • timing chip (guaranteed for pre-registered riders only) 

Riders also have the opportunity to buy a Primal Eden Classic race cut jersey, available from the online and on-site shop from January. 

Entry fees

Distance  Pre-entry fee On-the-day fee*
35-miles £32 £37
62-miles £36 £41
100-miles £40 £45

Pre-entry closes on 30 April. 

* Please note we have a limited number of entries available, should you wish to ‘enter on the day’ we would recommend you enter on Saturday 12 May.

Attending registration

Each rider will need to attend registration, where they will receive their rider number and timing chip. Registration will take place on Saturday 12 May between 9.30am and 4.30pm in the Gallery in the Eden Visitor Centre and on Sunday 13 May between 6am and 8.15am at Banana Coach Park.

Health and safety briefing and event start

All riders are required to attend their chosen distance health and safety briefing, as you will be given route specific information. Riders are required to be mounted on their bikes and ready to start the ride when attending the briefing. Each briefing will take place at Banana Coach Park adjacent to registration:

  • Long distance safety briefing: 7.30am
  • Mid distance safety briefing group 1: 8.10am
  • Mid distance safety briefing group 2: 8.40am
  • Short distance safety briefing: 9.10am

Briefings will start promptly, so please allow plenty of time to register, set yourself up and position yourself for the briefing.

Eden Classic jersey

The official limited-edition Eden Classic can be purchased from our online shop here.

The Primal sports jersey is 100% polyester and features a zip down front and a back pocket. The jersey is a race cut fit and has silicone grippers.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enter?

I am having problems entering on the British Cycling website, is there another way?

British Cycling are very helpful and should be able to assist, but if you do have any questions for us, please email

Do you offer group discounts?

As places are limited, we don't offer group discounts, but we can help you book as a group. If you're entering a group of five or more and wish to pay in one transaction, please email us on and we can assist. 

I am unable to take part, can I have a refund?

Yes, we'll be able to refund your spot up until Monday 30 April, but after that no refunds will be permitted. To withdraw, please email with your name and the distance entered. Refunds will be made via the British Cycling website, minus any administrative fees charged by British Cycling. 

Is there a cash point at registration?

There's a cash point at the Eden Project Visitor Centre, which is located opposite the Gallery entrance where Saturday registration will take place. 

Will you be taking on-the-day entries?

We will offer on-the-day registration if we do not reach capacity prior to the event. Please come back and check this webpage closer to the time to find out when pre-registration closes.

We would always encourage riders to enter in advance as it guarantees you a timing chip and medal, plus it's a bit cheaper!

If we do offer on-the-day entry, we would encourage you to register on Saturday, as last year we sold out very early on Sunday morning. 

Can I pay by card when entering on the day?

We'll have card payment facilities for those entering on Saturday. Sadly, we can't offer this on Sunday morning however and will only accept cash payments at this time. 

Can my child take part?

Yes! There's no minimum age requirement for the sportive, but cyclists under the age of 16 must have a signed parental consent form and must be accompanied by an adult throughout the ride. Cyclists aged 16 and 17 years will need a signed parental consent form but do not have to be accompanied.  We also ask that all riders under 18 years submit a photography consent form as part of our safeguarding guidelines. 

Please email to request the relevant forms before entering. 

Cancellations, refunds and transfers

Am I able to transfer my place to somebody else?

Yes! If you're unable to take part for any reason, and have a friend who would like to take your place, email us on with your name and distance entered along with a completed copy of a paper entry form. We will accept transfers until Monday 30 April, and can only transfer places for the same distance. Fingers crossed we'll see you again next year!

I can no longer take part in the event, what do I do?

If you are unable to take part, please notify us via email ( as soon as possible with your name and distance entered. If you notify us prior to Monday 30 April, we'll be able to refund your entry fee, but after this time we will not be able to offer a refund. 

Distance changes

Can I change the distance I entered ahead of the event to a shorter distance?

Yes you can. Should you need to change the distance you entered to a shorter distance, please email with your name, distance entered and the distance you'd like to do instead. Please note that we unfortunately cannot offer a refund for the difference between entry fees. 

If you decide en route that you need to change your distance, please let the team at the finish know your rider number, distance entered and distance completed. 

Can I change the distance I entered ahead of the event to a longer distance?

Should you wish to increase the distance entered, please email with your name, distance and the distance you'd like to do instead. Once accepted, you will be required to pay the difference between entry fees. We will advise at this stage on how best to make the payment. 

If you decide en route that you need to change your distance, please let the team at the finish know your rider number, distance entered and distance completed. 

Timing chips and times

How long do the rides take?

You can see timings for 2017 participants online.

When will I receive my timing chip?

You will be given your timing chip at registration, which will take place on Saturday or Sunday morning. Saturday registration will take place in the Gallery, located in the Visitor Centre at the Eden Project betweem 10.30am and 6pm. Sunday registration will take place in Banana Coach Park.  

Where do I attach my timing chip?

Your timing chip is already secured to your rider number – simple! You'll need to secure this to your handle bars with the cable ties we provided to you in your rider pack. 

Do I need to return my rider chip?

No you don't – we use disposable timing chips so no need to worry about returning them. 

When will I receive my time?

You will receive an SMS message – shortly after riding over the finishing timing mat – with your time, as long as you provided a mobile number when entering. If you didn't give us your number when you entered, please email with your name, distance and mobile number before 30 April. 

When can I find out other people's time?

It's not the time that matters, it's the taking part that counts! However, it's natural to be curious about how you did against other riders. All the times of riders who completed the event will be posted on the website as soon as possible after the event. Please note that we won't list them in time order however, as the Eden Classic is a non-competitive event. 

Along the route

Will there be signs?

We pride ourselves of providing excellent signage, which we check the morning of the event, but it has been known for signs to vanish mid-event so please do take one of our maps with you! If you do get lost, please call our emergency number provided to you in the rider's pack, and we'll do our best to get you back on track. 

Will there be a photographer?

Yes! Charlie Witton Photography will be in attendance, and a link to the photos will be posted on this webpage following the event. 

What do I do if mid-route I can no longer continue?

Hopefully this won't happen, but if for any reason you find yourself unable to complete the course, please phone our emergency number provided to you in your rider's pack. We'll need to know your rider number so please have that handy, and we can arrange for one of our pick-up vehicles to bring you back to the Eden Project. Should you not require pick-up, please still call us so we know you're safe and well. 

Feed stations and food

Will there be food at the feed stations to accommodate my dietary requirements?

If you have a specific dietary requirement, please email with your name, distance entered and details of your dietary requirement. Please let us know by Monday 30 April at the very latest so we have time to accommodate your request. 

Where can I collect my pre-ride breakfast?

The pre-ride breakfast will be served in Banana Coach Park where the Sunday registration and the safety briefing takes place. It's also a great time to meet other cyclists and socialise. 

The Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Can I sleep in my vehicle overnight in the car park ahead of the event?

It's strictly prohibited to stay in your vehicle overnight at the Eden Project, but we do have on-site accommodation with YHA Eden Project. More information can be found on our YHA Eden Project webpage

Can my family visit the Eden Project?

Yes they can – for free! We pride ourselves on making the Eden Classic family friendly. Whilst you're taking part, your friends and family can explore what Eden has to offer and cheer you over the finish line. They'll need to tell the ticketing team your name and the distance you're completing to gain access. You could also make a weekend of it and come into Eden on Saturday prior to the event (and pick up your registration pack on your way in too). 

Can my family visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan?

Yes they can – again for free! Friends and family can visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan on the day of the event to motivate you at the Lost Gardens of Heligan feed station. To gain access, they'll need to tell the ticketing team your name and the distance you're completing. 

Can my family wave me off?

Yes, we'd recommend the Arena (in front of the Stage) as a great spot to give you a good luck cheer and see you on your way. They can make their way back there for your return if they'd like to too!

Further information

Where can I buy an Eden Classic jersey?

We are delighted to be offering race cut Eden Classic jerseys produced by Primal. They're available to purchase from the Eden Project webshop and on-site shop.

Do I need a road bike?

No, you don't have to take part on a road bike, but we would recommend them for the longer distances. In order to take part, you'll need a two-wheeled one-track cycle that carries one rider. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

Yes you do – helmets are mandatory at the Eden Classic. 

Can I ride an electric bike?

Sorry, no – all bikes must be a two-wheeled one-track cycle that carries one rider. 

Can I use a hand cycle?

Due to the hilly terrain and the fact that the circuits take place on busy roads, we don’t recommend taking part in the Classic with a hand cycle. However, riders are free to do so if they so choose. They will need to ensure that they are fully visible on the roads, e.g. use a vertical, visible flag placed at the back of the hand cycle. 

What do I do if you haven't answered my question?

If you have any further questions that we've not answered above, please contact us on and we'll do our best to help!