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Matrix - Vegetal Analoga

Super Natural

Plants feed, fuel and nurture us, provide the very air we breathe, and colour the fabric of our lives.

Super Natural was an exhibition at the Eden Project that was open between 24 September 2022 and 1 May 2023 that explored humankind’s ever-evolving understanding of ourselves as a part of the natural world, the interdependencies between humans and plants, and the systems that inform our varying perspectives.  

About the exhibition

Super Natural was open in the Core Gallery, between September 2022 and May 2023. 

The exhibition featured artworks from international artists including Ai Weiwei, Kedisha Coakley, Patricia Domínguez, Iman Datoo, Ingela Ihrman and Eduardo Navarro.

SN quote

Author, philosopher and ecologist - Aldo Leopold 1887-1948

“ …we are plain members…of the biotic community. ”

Ingela Ihrman - Gut Weed


Every living thing on Earth is interconnected, and this exhibition comprises a diversity of artworks that examine and challenge our perception of the natural world and our part in it, through a focus on our relationships with plants.

It encourages us to consider what we might learn from plants, from the ‘more than human’, from reciprocal relationships in nature, and asks how different perspectives may inform and influence a shared understanding of ourselves as part of nature as opposed to apart from nature.

Ai Weiwei - Fly


Whether through senses and signals or cycles of carbon, oxygen and water, invisible threads connect a complex, dynamic web of life - we are all a part of this web.

Today, however some cultures have become separated from nature, both in language and in action, and appear to consider humans as being beyond nature, i.e. super natural, when in fact humans, like all life on Earth, are just really, really (as in, super) natural.

Matrix - Vegetal Analoga


Super Natural features a range of artists who each explore and reflect on human relationships with plants, as well as on how people perceive nature – and their place within it – in varying ways.

The exhibition encourages all of us to consider how different perspectives can inform and influence a shared understanding of nature and to celebrate the power of our imagination to reunite us with the natural world. 

Giant stick sculpture of a skeleton

New major art installation launched at Eden in 2023

First Came the Landscape (2022) by Swedish artist Ingela Ihrman and commissioned by Eden is a giant stick skeleton that nestles within the Outer Estate landscape here at Eden, that launched in February 2023.

The piece, made from the trunk, limbs and branches of a single beech tree that came down in a storm, was part of a new season of events for Eden’s Super Natural exhibition, but is still on display in Eden's outer estate despite the main exhibition closing.

First Came the Landscape reflects the delicate life cycle of the natural world and will remain in situ until the wood naturally breaks down, returning back into the ground in which it has been placed and benefiting its surrounding ecology as it decays, even in its final states.

Further reflection on the themes

Artist statements

Reading Room

If you’d like to learn more about any of the themes explored within Super Natural, then please take a look at a selection of literature that has inspired some of the thinking behind this exhibition. 

Reading List

Photo credit

Some of the plants featured within the works in Super Natural can be found growing in our global gardens here at Eden. Breadfruit and ayahuasca can be found in the Rainforest Biome, whilst mandrake is growing in the Mediterranean Biome. 

Super Natural was curated by Hannah Hooks and Misha Curson, with support from the Eden Project research team. 

With thanks to the Wellcome Collection, Lisson Gallery and all of the artists. 

Past events

Past events within the Super Natural programme include a series of film screenings at CAST in Helston, which ran from Friday January 20 until Thursday February 9, featuring works by artist Patricia Domínguez - whose film Matrix Vegetal (2021/22) features in Super Natural - Ursula Biemann, French–Columbian collective NOMASMETAFORAS and Brazilian indigenous-led collective Selvagem. Find out more here

First Came the Landscape (2022) opened to the public on Thursday February 9, 2023 and is located at the side of the road, south of Melon car park at the Eden Project.

Image credits

Top image: Patricia Dominguez, Matrix Vegetal, 2021/22, 4k video, 21:12 min (film still)

Image two: A Great Seaweed Day: Gut Weed (Ulva Intestinalis), 2019
Textile, silk, glue and dye, dimensions variable

Image three: Fly, 2019
Cast iron, 173 x 396 x 288 cm
© Ai Weiwei; Courtesy of the Artist and Lisson Gallery

Image four: Patricia Dominguez, Matrix Vegetal, 2021/22, 4k video, 21:12 min (film still), and installation with totem and mandrake