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An atmospheric photo which shows a figure standing looking up at the infinity blue sculpture and the vapour surrounding the floor and sculpture

Arts and culture at Eden

As a major cultural venue, we're home to a spectacular series of summer music concerts – the Eden Sessions – and we're also a hub for the visual arts in Cornwall. We present permanent installations and temporary exhibitions by new, emerging and established artists with reputations spanning the globe. We also host a wide range of performance events and regular storytelling sessions. 

Eden Sessions ambient video

Music at Eden

The Eden Sessions are a series of live music concerts held annually at Eden. Our beautiful site with its natural acoustics draws world-class artists to give amazing performances that many regard as among their best.

Through the Eden Sessions, the Eden Project hopes to encourage concert audiences to think about how they can reduce their impact on the environment. 

Art at Eden

Works from a diversity of grass-root and world-renowned national and international artists can be discovered across our 35-acre site in the Outdoor Gardens, Biomes and Outer Estate.

These broad-ranging installations are inspired by social and environmental narratives such as climate change, biodiversity and the vital relationship between global communities and natural resources. 

Art at Eden

Our major artworks

Mission CTA