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National Wildflower Centre Landscape

Climate change solutions

We must stop CO₂ emissions rising, and nature depleting. One of the greatest challenges humans have ever faced. Solving it will be the greatest achievement of our time. It can be done.

Governments, businesses, communities and individuals – all of us – need to work together. It is our responsibility to take action, to rise up and unite in a global movement working towards a healthier planet.

We are not powerless. We can work with nature to create a regenerative and sustainable future for ourselves, future generations and the planet.

Fight climate change, global warming, biodiversity loss and sea levels rising

Explore and support organisations, projects and campaigns that are part of the solution.

Support nature | Support technology | Support social transformation

Eden on Prescription

Support Nature

Ecosystems on land and in the ocean are the original (and best) carbon catchers ‒ so let’s protect what we’ve got, restore what’s been degraded and manage the land and ocean in a regenerative way to look after the health of the planet.



Drilling at Eden's geothermal energy site

Support Technology

Technical innovations in energy, industry, computing etc. offer new ways to power, make, transport, and produce food and other resources. We can work as part of nature, rather apart from it.

Innovation that reduces climate change

Community celebration in the Rainforest Biome

Support Social Transformation

Policies and laws are helping to slow the rise in CO₂ emissions and the destruction of nature, but not enough and not fast enough. Scientists say there’s still time, but we need concerted global effort now. How do we truly transform our societies?

Ideas to inspire social change

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