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HotHouse: Nature’s Language and the Art of Deep Listening

A nature-based leadership workshop offering a framework by which to apply nature’s lessons of bird language and deep listening for regenerative mindsets and responsible businesses.

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Facilitating the future now

Wherever we go our trees, gardens and skies are filled with birds and if we pay close attention to their voices and behaviour, they can teach and inform our leadership practice to lead in a more conscious way. Observing nature in this way can allow us to create more regenerative systems and cultures in our organisations that respond naturally and effectively to the ebbs and flows within natural systems.

Group or people stood in some woods

Facilitating the future now continued

This workshop set within the stunning landscape of Eden Project provides a remarkable setting in which to connect deeply with yourself and nature. You will be guided by expert facilitator Chris Holland who has over 20 years of experience in nature connection, leadership and education. 

The day will include deep listening techniques, listening time alone, structured dialogue and reflection inspired by ancient cultural traditions and the latest research in neuroscience. Along with the health and wellbeing benefits of spending time in nature, these practices have been adapted for our modern, busy lives, and help us slow down and tune in to the rhythms of the natural world around us.


Participants can expect to: 

  • Gain lifelong learning of the language of birds, and how this can help relate to the importance of reflection and deep listening for leadership.

  • Appreciate that we are part of nature. Now more than ever we need a deep emotional and psychological shift in how we understand and relate to the natural world.

  • Gain new ideas and fresh perspectives transferable to you and your work.

  • Develop the capacity to engage and listen, not just our heads but also our hearts; to use our intellect with emotional and ecological intelligence.

  • Disconnect from the digital and reconnect with the present.


Who is it for?

This workshop has been carefully created for people who are or want to become leaders for change or anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding about their place in the world, and is suitable for both individuals and small teams.

Meet the facilitator

Christ Holland portrait

Chris Holland

Chris is a leading inspiration in the field of nature connection and environmental education for families, schools and businesses. He has a natural talent for working with groups of people, telling stories, sharing bush craft skills, foraging, creating environmental art and even playing the didgeridoo! He wrote his first book, I Love my World in 2009 and has created CPD and nature connection courses online. Chris is also the founder of

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Albert Einstein

“We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

How to join us

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The dates for our next programmes are 1 and 29 March 2024.

Investment: £150 (+ VAT) per person, includes access to the Biomes after the course. 

To book or ask any questions, please get in touch via our enquiry form

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