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Living Lens AR still of a titan arum from the viewpoint of a mosquito

Lesson plan: Rainforest Super Senses

What would you like your rainforest Super Sense to be?

This interactive lesson uses augmented reality to contrast our human senses with the weird and wonderful sensory abilities of some of the animals found in the rainforest – a bee, a bat and a mosquito.

Outcomes and curriculum links

This lesson enables students to:

  • Locate some of the world’s tropical rainforests, describing what conditions are like there and why they are ideal for plant growth
  • Identify the ‘super senses’ (adaptations) of three different rainforest animals and describe in simple terms how they use their ‘super sense’ to find their food.
  • Summarise the animal/plant relationships they have learnt about in terms of how they depend on each other (interdependence)

Curriculum links

Resources and downloads

To set up the lesson you will need:

Key vocabulary:

Humid, insect, mammal, sense, adaptation, pollen, nectar, nocturnal, echo.

Lesson plan

Download a printable version of this lesson plan or use the guide below. 

Lesson plan steps