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A group of school pupils walking through a biome, you can see them through the greenery and they are writing on clipboards

School Workshop: Finding Fibonacci

In this workshop pupils can explore and discover the mathematical patterns hidden in nature.

Workshop overview

What happens in the workshop

Students are sent on a journey around the biomes to collect a plant-based data set. From the class data set they then identify commonly occurring numbers which lead them to the Fibonacci sequence.

Using further examples from the natural world and a geometric drawing activity they begin to realise that mathematical patterns are at work all around us, from the spiral shapes of the Milky Way to the packing of seeds in a sunflower head.

Finally, students are challenged to investigate Eden’s iconic Seed sculpture and take a closer look at the Core building to see how people, art and architecture have also been influenced by this intriguing sequence of numbers.

Vsiting teacher review

Meadowfield School

“I can't recommend it highly enough. Children who struggle with maths were independently recreating the Fibonacci sequence this week without any help from me.”

Practical information

Unforgettable school trips

A visiting teacher

St Merryn School

“The children loved the investigative nature of the workshop; it promoted great thinking and enquiry skills and the children are still talking about it back at school.”

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