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Virtual Workshop: Sussing Sustainability

The challenge is to figure out what makes a ‘best’ pack lunch… for you, other people and for the planet.

In researching and choosing their ‘best’ pack lunch for a trip to Eden pupils will develop an understanding of simple sustainability principles and in so doing, will take the first steps towards becoming informed consumers.

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Our virtual school trips are delivered online by a member of our Education Team just for your class. We’ll lead the session, delivering live activities, challenges and conversations with your class; supported by pre-recorded videos. We will provide all the resources and materials you need to support your learners in class. 


Workshop overview

The session begins with the pupils writing a shopping list and selecting six products to build their ‘best’ packed lunch. They then earn the right to ‘buy’ the products from the shop in a True/False quiz which introduces key food facts.

They research the products that they’ve chosen – ideally in a treasure hunt around the classroom (using information we provide) with the aim of discovering the sustainability-related stories behind the foods they have selected.

We look at one issue in more depth – food miles, and then reconsider what ‘best’ might mean given all the new knowledge they’ve discovered. Pupils are asked to review the contents of their packed lunch and consider how good it really is in terms of its impact on health, waste, packaging, food miles, farming practices and Fairtrade before perhaps choosing to rebuild the contents of their lunchbox in light of what they have learnt. 

Finally, we highlight that making choices in the knowledge of a product or action’s impact on people and the environment is what sustainability is all about.

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