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Foresight, the Eden Project and Natural England collaborate to help endangered butterflies take flight

Foresight, in partnership with the Eden Project and the National Wildflower Centre, supports Natural England’s butterfly conservation scheme, creating vital habitats for the endangered Marsh Fritillary Butterfly.

The initiative forms part of Foresight’s recently launched Nature Recovery Blueprint. A guidebook which aims to help land managers, developers, asset managers and operators to implement nature positive management practices across a range of renewable asset types. 

The Blueprint, published in partnership with the Eden Project, sets a standard for industry best practices, offering a comprehensive roadmap on how to drive crucial efforts to accelerate nature conservation and combat land degradation. 


Nature Recovery Blueprint

The endangered Marsh Fritillary Butterfly on a leaf. Credit Jim Asher

Nature Recovery Blueprint

Foresight, a leading infrastructure and private equity investment manager, celebrates the launch of its Nature Recovery Blueprint. In partnership with the Eden Project, the initiative addresses the adoption of nature positive practices across renewable energy sites, by taking part in Natural England’s pioneering butterfly conservation project. Held at one of Foresight’s solar sites in Cornwall, the event brought together twenty individuals from public and private sectors to create vital habitats for the endangered Marsh Fritillary butterfly.

By planting over 600 Devil's-bit-Scabious (Succisa pratensis), the primary food source for the Marsh Fritillary, participants contributed to the establishment of much needed habitats that support our native butterflies. These timely interventions aim to address the impact of habitat fragmentation and help rebuild the metapopulation of this endangered species, enhancing biodiversity and ecosystem resilience.

Butterflies serve as crucial bioindicators, reflecting the health of our environment through their rapid responses to ecological changes. The decline or resurgence of butterfly populations can signal broader shifts in ecosystem health, emphasising the urgency of conservation efforts.

“Partnering with the Eden Project, The Nature Recovery Blueprint illustrates the pivotal role businesses, like Foresight, play in enriching and revitalising biodiversity. The solar case study serves as a powerful example, demonstrating the interconnectedness between the energy transition, climate change and the harmonious coexistence of nature and progress.” – Lily Billings, Group Sustainability Lead, Foresight 

"The collaboration between Foresight, the National Wildflower Centre at the Eden Project, and Natural England showcases the power of partnership in driving meaningful conservation efforts. By working together, we can create tangible positive impacts for biodiversity and inspire others to take action. For example, we have propagated native species at Growing Point – Eden’s new geothermally-heated nursery, using seed collected by the National Wildflower Centre and we have used expertise from Natural England to identify the best strategic locations on land provided by Foresight " – Juliet Rose, Head of Development at the Eden Project 

"The Marsh Fritillary butterfly is a vital component of the Mid Cornwall Moors Site of Special Scientific Interest. Projects like this not only support endangered species but also contribute to the overall health and resilience of our ecosystems." – Cerin Poland, Lead Advisor at Natural England 

"The manual empowers land managers to take practical steps, to enhance biodiversity and restore nature across their holdings. It is not a one size fits all when it comes to biodiversity. We hope the guidebook gives greater visibility and access to existing nature positive initiatives for our industry peers to use. " – Ross Driver, Managing Director of Foresight’s Solar Fund Limited (FSFL) 

The project forms part of Foresight's Nature Recovery Ambition Statement, which demonstrates its forward-looking approach to nature recovery. The statement outlines exactly how Foresight aims to restore and improve natural assets while fostering economic prosperity. Through its partnership with the Eden Project and strategic initiatives such as these, Foresight seeks to maximise the positive impact of its business portfolio on biodiversity.