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Mother holding young daughter and pointing at tree in Rainforest Biome at Eden Project

Visiting with kids: three-hour itinerary

Only got a few hours to visit with your family? Make sure you don't miss our major highlights. You and your kids will leave Eden with memories to treasure as well as exciting ideas of how and why we need to look after the wonderful planet we call home.


Boy taking photo in Rainforest Biome at Eden Project

Explore a tropical rainforest

The gleaming green jewel in our crown, the Rainforest Biome is an absolute must-see. Towering 50 metres tall, the biggest of our Biomes is home to the world's largest indoor rainforest!
Approximate time needed: 1 hour

Family walking through Mediterranean Biome at Eden Project

Take a trip through the Med

Huge spiky cacti, gnarled ancient olive trees and sweet smelling fruits and herbs await you in our breathtaking Mediterranean Biome.
Approximate time needed: 30-45 minutes

Aerial view of a giant 'Tree of Life' climbing tower for children

Have fun on our play equipment

Set your kids loose on our beautifully made indoor and outdoor play spaces. Make sure you don't miss our adventure play area Nature's Playground!
Approximate time needed: 30-45 minutes

Girl looking at smoke ring from Infinity Blue sculpture

Meet a 'breathing' sculpture

Kids and grown-ups are mesmerised by our giant Infinity Blue sculpture and love chasing the vapour rings it 'exhales' into the cavernous main space of our Core building.
Approximate time needed: 30 minutes