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Invisible Worlds exhibition at Eden Project

Invisible Worlds exhibition

Invisible Worlds reveals the world beyond our senses: too big, too small, too fast, too slow, too far away in space and time. The exhibition explores how life is shaped by, and shapes, invisible systems.

If the invisible lifeforms and systems we rely on for fresh air, clean water, fertile soil, nutritious food, rich biodiversity, a stable climate and a natural recycling system are threatened, so are we. Bringing the invisible into view and exploring the interconnectedness of everything can transform our understanding of the world – and how we interact with it. 

Invisible Worlds video

Kids running around Infinity Blue sculpture

Infinity Blue 'breathing' sculpture

This huge ceramic sculpture, designed by Studio Swine, almost reaches the roof of the Core building. It pays homage to one of the world's smallest but most important organisms: cyanobacteria.

Girl hugging Seed sculpture

Seed sculpture

Carved from solid granite, this huge seed-shaped sculpture was created by Peter Randall-Page and sits in a specially designed chamber at the heart of the Core building.

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