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A view of a giant figure sculpture emerging from the ground with a mirrored mosaic face


This living sculpture grows out of the landscape in Myth and Folklore in our Outdoor Gardens.

Peter and Sue Hill

Peter and Sue Hill
Eve, 2005–2007
Mixed media

Growing out of the landscape, this living sculpture is made of Eden clay, mirrors and planted with grasses.

This female figure, originally conceived as Eve, has now come to represent and embody the broader notions of nature, earth, and the wild. She is part of a series of Green Women sculptures; one of which is her precursor, the Mudmaid at The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Hero image credit: Emily Whitfield-Wicks

The spectacular Eve sculpture

A view through the trees of the Eve sculpture which is a figure set in the landscape

About the artists

Peter and Sue Hill have been making things together since 1996. Based in Cornwall, they work all over the world making theatre, creating artworks (mainly out of mud, plants, steel and mosaic) and setting fire to things. 

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