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Aerial view of a rainforest

Conserving the rainforest

Rainforests need conserving for all our sakes. Eden works on and with a range of rainforest conservation projects.

Every 11 seconds, an area of real rainforest the size of our Rainforest Biome is lost

The big deals are to:

  • Build ‘carbon sinks’. Rainforests absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air as they grow. They store the carbon as solid carbon compounds in their wood and soils. This keeps CO2 levels (and global temperatures) down.
  • Protect ‘watersheds’. Rainforest trees, roots and soils hold on to water like a massive sponge, creating a living reservoir and preventing destructive flooding.

  • Link ‘fragmented landscapes’. Like a jigsaw, lose some pieces and it no longer works. Corridors need to be planted between fragments of rainforest along which plants, animals, essential fungi and microbes can maintain a healthy environment. 

How can you help?

  • Share with others what you discover about how forests keep us alive

  • Shop for products which help look after the forest (e.g. FSC, Rainforest Alliance)

  • Write letters on rainforest issues to politicians

  • Support your favourite rainforest conservation charity

  • Join us and become a Member, discover more and support our international conservation work. 

International organisations

Projects that regrow, restore and regenerate

Shop for certified products

Over 90% of tropical deforestation is driven by agriculture – you can make a big difference through the products you choose to buy.   
Support businesses working towards sustainable and fair produce by buying certified products. Look out for the logos of these organisations when you shop.

Certification organisations

More from Eden about conservation