Drop in to the 'Intergalactic Estate Agency' in our Lab, for a whole new way of looking at property buying and selling! This arts residency is sure to get you thinking differently about climate change.

"Has climate change ruined the housing market on your planet? Don’t panic! ‘The Intergalactic Estate Agency’ is here to help. We will mitigate your fears by finding a buyer with the means to see the potential in the apparently uninhabitable. Our friendly staff will advise on when might be the best time to sell and help you get the best price before the worst downturn in galactic history."

Other art exhibitions and residencies

Austin’s project is one of several sci-art residencies co-curated by FoAM, which bring different parts of our Invisible Worlds into focus. Throughout the year we also host a range of Invisible Worlds temporary exhibitions and art installations, live events, stories and workshops.

See our 'breathing' sculpture

While you're here, come and see our huge ceramic sculpture, rising almost to the roof of the Core building. Known as Infinity Blue, it pays homage to one of the world's smallest but most important organisms: cynobacteria.