The Eden Project is now open daily. All visits must be pre-booked online. Read our FAQS.

Top things to see

  1. The wonderful Giant Bee sculpture set amidst our flowerbeds
  2. Secluded spots and hidden corners in our Wild Cornwall area
  3. Red-hot pokers, of which we have around 100 species and cultivars
  4. The beautifully warm Plants for a changing climate garden, packed with sun-worshipping flowers
  5. A Cornish oasis with ornamental water pools; the Sense of Memory Garden
  6. The Spiral Garden, planted to stimulate all your senses
  7. Myth and Folklore, a secret garden telling the stories behind plants
  8. Hops and barley, the magic ingredients for beer, in our brewing display
  9. Hemp, the famous plant that goes into clothes and car panels worldwide
  10. Global allotments, an inspiration for grow your own enthusiasts

“A great, child-friendly garden”

TV gardener Charlie Dimmock

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