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The Eden Project's Labyrinth

Watch and learn about the purpose of these ancient symbols.

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Pete Hill and Kate Munro created our Willow Dream Chamber, with a beautifully woven arbour above a labyrinth marked on the ground.

Can you find your way to its centre? Go clockwise (‘deisul’, sunwise) around the labyrinth for good luck. Anticlockwise (‘widdershins’) ain’t so lucky.

The classic seven-ring labyrinth is found worldwide. To sailors it was a good-luck token, ensuring safe return. It provided protection against wandering spirits who get lost in the curves (spirits can only travel in straight lines, allegedly).

In the medieval times it stood for a model of the cosmos with seven heavenly bodies circling the Earth.

It has also provided a focus for meditation because, unlike mazes, which are designed to confuse, labyrinths lead you on a journey to the centre and back again.