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Three school pupils stood around each other looking at evidence bags

School Workshop: Jungle Connections

Students are challenged to explore their connections with the rainforests of the world by exploring Eden’s own jungle, in this workshop for years 7-9.


Workshop overview

What happens in the workshop

The challenge starts with a review of students’ knowledge of rainforests and a hands-on activity to stimulate thinking about our connections to the rainforest and some of the associated issues. Students spend up to an hour in the Rainforest Biome, experiencing the reality of the tropical climate and finding further examples of their rainforest connections.

On returning to the classroom we take the story of chocolate as an example for analysing trade relationships in more detail and investigating our power as consumers to make a difference.

A visiting teacher review

Kingsley School

“Brilliantly links the opportunity to connect with wonderful plants found in regions thousands of miles away with a fuller understanding about the importance of living more sustainably within environmental limitations.”

Practical information

Unforgettable school trips

A visiting teacher

Primary teacher

“I was really impressed with the workshop delivery, which was focussed and lively with a good range of activities, open-ended questions and opportunities for discussion.”

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