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A close up of a young boy with butterfly face paint looking closely at a plant

School Workshop: Puzzling Plants

This school workshop uses some of Eden’s more unusual rainforest plants to inspire pupils about the wonders of the plant world, and reviews the fundamentals of plant biology.


Workshop overview

What happens in the workshop

Pupils are introduced to Eden’s Science Team and are challenged to help them sort fact from fiction, by exploring some of the more unusual plants in the rainforest. A series of interactive classroom activities remind pupils of the form and function of flowering plants.

They then follow a map trail around the Rainforest Biome to seek out our puzzling plant wonders; including plants that move, carnivorous plants, amazing epiphytes and mysterious mangroves. At each discovery they are asked to consider what makes this plant puzzling, and different from ‘normal’ plants.

Back in the classroom, children reflect on their learning in the Biome, and ponder another puzzling feature of plants; their ability to lift water many metres into the air! The workshop ends with a final feedback session to the Eden scientists.

A visiting teacher review

Visiting teacher

“[The workshop] covers so many learning objectives in one hit.”

Practical information

Unforgettable school trips

Accredited workshops at Eden

This workshop is accredited under the British Science Association’s CREST Awards scheme. Completion of the workshop enables the student to gain one sticker towards the SuperStar Award.


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