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Woman and girl in Western Australia Garden at Eden Project

Plants and nature at Eden

Eden is home to a vast collection of incredible plants. On your visit you can explore wild lands and natural landscapes, verdant rainforests, Mediterranean hillsides, North American prairies and Wild Chile. Meet the world’s crops and discover stories from the people who grow them. And get loads of inspirational ideas for your own garden.

At Eden you can find out how both wild and cultivated lands support us and discover ideas on how to conserve the wild places in balance with sustainably cropping the land. Outdoors at Eden, these landscapes sit alongside striking contemporary gardens that will give you fresh ideas for colour-themed borders, year-round interest, natural low-impact materials and ways to attract wildlife. 

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Did you know?

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, with some species growing more than 90cm IN ONE DAY!

A world of plants in a day

You'll encounter a fabulous array of plants at Eden. We have one of the largest living displays of ethnobotanical plants in the world.

Dig deeper and you'll discover the fascinating stories of our crucial relationship with plants – past, present and future. Plants are our lifeblood. From blue jeans to coffee beans, plants feed us, clothe us and heal us. They colour the fabric of our lives and, along with animals, fungi and the microbial world, supply us with clean water, fertile soil, rich biodiversity, a stable climate and the very air we breathe – our life support system.

Inspiration for tackling climate change

On your journey through our global gardens, you'll discover how people are better understanding, conserving and cropping plants for a more sustainable future.

You'll be inspired to take action on climate change and biodiversity loss by spending time in our Biome, where you'll discover how rainforests act as nature's fridge and cool the Earth. It's astounding to think that a piece of rainforest the size of our Rainforest Biome is destroyed every 16 seconds.

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Why plants are important

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