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The two driftwood horses outside the main entrance

Bronze and Driftwood Horse

On your way into our main entrance, take a look at these beautiful driftwood sculptures by Heather Jansch.


Heather Jansch

Heather Jansch
Bronze and Driftwood Horse, 2013

Artist Heather Jansch created these life-sized horse foals from two different materials: one is made from carefully chosen pieces of driftwood found on the beach, the other is a bronze cast. 

Our original, much-loved driftwood horse, which usually stands at this spot, has grown so fragile that it is currently at the foundry being cast in bronze too, so that it’s immortalised forever. It will be back…

Close up of the cork driftwood horse sculptures

A close up of the two cork driftwood horse sculptures

About the artist

Heather Jansch studied fine art at Walthamstow then Goldsmiths College London before breeding horses in 1970-1980, when she started painting equestrian portraits. In 1980 she moved to Devon, began sculpture, started to exhibit and hasn't stopped since.

For more information visit Heather Jansch's website.

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