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Cores artwork


Discover Jenny Beavan's ceramic sculptures in Wild Cornwall.

Jenny Beavan

Jenny Beavan
Cores, 2016

Clay, glaze

In Wild Cornwall, clay totems by local ceramic artist Jenny Beavan punctuate the landscape. Turning from dark to light at their tips, and are impressed with seeds, unfurling ferns and flowers collected from Eden.  

Cores speak of millions of years tracing Earth’s massive geological upheaval, leading us through to the transition of life from the simplest form to today’s rich complexity.   


“ Cores tell the true story of time, material and the place beneath our feet. They speak of millions of years, tracing Earth’s massive geological upheaval, leading us through from the birth of the simplest living forms to the ever-increasing complexities of our Earth. ”

Close up of Cores artwork

More about Cores

Made up of seven different clays, some local, the 15 Cores appear as if they have been lifted from the ‘earth’ of Eden. The clays – varying in colour and texture – have been blended as a nod toward the local geology; pebbles, crustaceans, flora and fauna have been impressed into the clay to suggest evolution and transition. Water, which was essential to this process, is implied through the blue glazes and the predominance of white clays suggest ‘white gold’, the local name for china clay, while the gold and copper also hint at Cornwall’s other treasures.

About the artist

Jenny Beavan’s clay works are an expression of physical locality, transformation and an exploration of materiality and place.

Through harvesting clays, minerals, aggregates and vegetation from local china clay pits and places that resonate with her, she questions how these site-specific materials can respond to her actions.

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