Sleep Out is a nationwide event organised by the End Youth Homelessness (EYH), a national collaboration of grassroots charities and companies that provide vital support to homeless young people across the UK. The EYH are continually working to raise crucial funds for as many of the 86,000 young people who experience homelessness every year as possible.

Sleep Out doesn’t aim to replicate homelessness, but it does allow an insight into some of the realities – the cold, the damp, the noise and the difficulty of carrying on your day with little sleep. It’s not an easy night but participants will be entertained with a night of music, food and good company, along with hearing talks and stories from representatives from each of the charities we will be supporting before bedtime.

The event helps to raise awareness of the issues around homelessness but also raises valuable funding and support for local grassroots organisations who are taking direct action to support homeless people to get back on their feet and turn their lives around.

Details of the charities

Eden has linked up locally with two South West charities, St Petroc’s Society and the Amber Foundation (EYH). When registering you will be able to select one to fundraise for; these deserving charities will be extremely grateful for any monies raised. 

St Petroc’s Society

St Petroc's Society exists to end street homelessness in Cornwall. They provide a diverse range of services for the single homeless, who, more often than not, fall outside the responsibility of statutory authorities. The Society provides accommodation, support, advice, training and resettlement services to single homeless people in Cornwall. With the resources available, they strive to provide the best quality of service possible to people aged 16-65 years old, and for whom no provision is made within the community.

Amber Foundation

Amber Foundation is an independent charity that helps homeless and unemployed young people in crisis to positively turn their lives around. They offer a temporary safe place to live with 30 other young people at one of three residential centres, including at their centre in Devon. They provide a mix of support, structure, new experiences and accredited training that builds young people’s motivation, self-discipline and skill set. They also help residents overcome their personal challenges and move onto education or employment, and safe, sustainable accommodation.