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A view of the biomes at Eden lit up during twilight

Annual and sustainability reports

Browse our Annual Reviews and Sustainability Reports to find out about our work and our sustainability performance, and to see a summary of Eden's finances for each financial year.

This is also where you'll find our gender pay gap report.


Latest Annual Review (2018-19)

That was the year that: 

  • We opened Invisible Worlds, which reimagined the Core building as a museum for our time, exposing the hidden forces, from the microscopic to the magnificent, that shape the planet and the lives (in every shape and size) upon it. 
  • Eden Project International Ltd continued its work on projects in China, Australia, Dubai and elsewhere in the UK. These new Edens will focus on the global challenges that face specific localities, such as soil, water, food and biodiversity.
  • We staged our Expedition Space summer programme, which zeroed in on Mars and with the underlying message that Earth is our natural home, that fascinating as other planets are, they’re no match for one with a built-in life-support system.
  • We hosted a 5x15 event at the Massive Attack Eden Sessions. Five speakers were given fifteen minutes on their chosen subject: Lucy Siegle on ocean plastic, Hassan Akkad on Syria, Nimco Ali on ending FGM, Sir Tim Smit on healing the soil and Giles Duley on the legacy of war. 
  • We planted three ancient olive trees in the Mediterranean Biome. Aged between 600–1,500 years old, these venerable trees were removed to make way for new plantings in Portugal and Spain and now overlook the Med Terrace restaurant.
  • We received an award of £350,000 from the Arts Council to help transform Eden into an international hub for the arts in Mid and East Cornwall. 
  • Supported by the National Lottery, our flagship programme the Big Lunch went global last year, inviting communities across the 53 countries that make up the Commonwealth to sit down and share a meal.
  • We continued to make significant progress in cutting down our usage of single-use plastics.
  • We took delivery of a new fleet of 100% electric vehicles as part of its long-running partnership with Renault. 

Download this and our other reports in the download section on this page.

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