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Annual Review 2022-23

From welcoming over half a million visitors to our world-class botanical gardens in Cornwall, to opening our first school, we had another extraordinary year in our mission to grow a global movement working with nature to respond to the planetary emergency.


  1. The Big Jubilee Lunch

    The Eden Project was an official partner of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.


  2. £50m Funding for Eden Project Morecambe

    The Eden Project was awarded £50m in the UK government’s Levelling Up Fund towards building Eden Project Morecambe in Lancashire.

  3. Geothermal Plant Nursery

    Construction started on our state-of-the-art geothermally heated plant nursery complex, Growing Point

  4. RHS Chelsea Gold Win for Peatland Bog

    The Eden Project and Dalefoot Composts won a gold medal at RHS Chelsea for an exhibit highlighting the critical importance of UK peatlands to climate and urging gardeners to ditch peat.


Education is at the heart of what we do at Eden. We offer learning opportunities from preschool to degree level and beyond to connect people of all ages with the natural world and help them to understand their place within it. We also provide leadership programmes for businesses and community training for people who want to roll up their sleeves and make a difference.

Learning in numbers

  1. 25,327 learners at Eden from preschool to university

  2. 548 sessions taught at Eden

  3. 120 sessions delivered online

  4. 42 different workshops on offer from early years to A-level

Nature Recovery and Nature Connection Programmes

Eden’s nature recovery programmes deliver benefits to people and nature. Our therapeutic horticulture programmes provide pathways for people to find comfort and pleasure in nature, often working in conjunction with the National Wildflower Centre’s biodiversity initiatives. 


The range and scale of the challenges the world faces today are intimidating, but it is our belief that strong communities have an important part to play in overcoming them. We work nationally and internationally to bring people together through campaigns like The Big Lunch

The Big Lunch's Impact

  1. 17.2m took part in The Big Lunch and The Big Jubilee Lunch 2022.

  2. 79% of Big Lunch attendees now feel a stronger sense of community.

  3. 11.7m said The Big Lunch made them feel less lonely.

  4. £22.2m raised at Big Lunch events – 75% went to local causes or charities.


*tCO2e means tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent gases. It’s a way of standardising the measurement of different greenhouse gas emissions. Excess CO2 in the atmosphere is driving climate change, but there are other GHGs (like methane) that have the same effect.


The Eden Project offers emerging and established artists transformative opportunities to provoke action and inspire hope.

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