Latest Annual Review (2016-17)

That was the year that: 

  • In March 2016, our gardeners planted Bright Sparks, a display of Kniphofia, or red-hot pokers, that we're hoping to secure a National Collection for.  
  • We launched the Festival of Light and Sound in December 2016, and attracted a 20,000 increase in visitors during the holiday season
  • 7.3 million people attended the Big Lunch 2016, an Eden-led project aiming to bring communities together
  • We've won multiple awards for inclusivity, thanks in part to our relaxed sessions for those with autism spectrum condition, sensory or communication needs or learning disabilities for our summer programme for 2016, Dinosaur Uprising
  • The Weather Maker, the latest phase of our Rainforest Canopy Walkway, was opened in the Rainforest Biome in March 2017
  • We created a brand new Perfume Garden in our Mediterranean Biome, inspired by Moorish gardens of old
  • It's the fourth year in a row we've recorded a significant profit. Turnover and visitor numbers also increased significantly during the period
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