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A landscape view of the industrial flame plant

Industrial Flame Plant

The Industrial Flame Plant structure in the Outdoor Gardens takes a sideways look at fossil fuels.

David Kemp

David Kemp
Industrial Flame Plant, 2001

David Kemp's sculpture takes a look at fossil fuels which provide over  80% of the world’s energy. 

Common name: Industrial Flame Plant           
Plant family: Flamaceae  
Latin Name:  Industrialis  carbonarius  var. sordidus      

Most varieties of the genus Industrialis extract energy stored in fossilised plant remains from ancient forests. Industrial plants convert raw materials into an astonishing variety of useful products and harmful emissions. Widespread over-planting causes environmental damage and climate changes. 

About the artist

David Kemp moved to Cornwall in 1973 and has worked and lived near St Just ever since. He has sited many large-scale sculptures throughout Britain. He specialises in the construction of sculptures for public locations, working in a wide variety of materials; bronze; steel; wood and masonry to create exciting, wonderful and often fantastical, figurative imagery for both large scale landscape pieces and more formal, closely defined architectural settings.

David Kemp makes sculpture from found objects and obsolete technology which often makes ironic comment on the ways that technology affects our live and our environment

For more information visit David Kemp's website 

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